Governing Body

The Governing Body members are elected annually at the Annual General Body meeting of the Maria Seva Sangha. The elected members of the Governing Body are all individuals with considerable expertise, status and integrity and they work selflessly to preserve the values of the MSS. 

Most of the Governing Body members are serving or have retired from positions of authority and responsibilityand they add stature to the MSS,  contributing significantly to the efficient functioning of the organization. All serve on a voluntary basis without any financial remuneration.


The Governing Body members elected at the Annual General Body Meeting on 24.08.2017 for the year 2017-18:

PresidentSri. Philip De Costa
Vice PresidentSri.Brian Albuquerque
SecretarySmt. Therese Rasquinha
TreasurerSri.Philips K.Cherian
Members:Sri.Francis T.R.Colaso
 Smt. Maria Pinto

Sri Anand Veigas has been appointed as Executive Director by the Governing Body with effect from 1st August 2007 on a contractual basis.