Medical Health Care

Started in 2001, when the voluntary service of a doctor became available, this scheme seeks to remedy the ill effects of poverty and malnutrition on the health of children coming from slum areas and studying in our Nutrition Scheme schools. These health problems lead to poor academic performance and lower physical, mental and functional ability in the long term.

Over 5175 children in 12 schools have been medically examined so far. The data is recorded and analysed. The children are first de-wormed and the necessary remedial supplements for Iron, Calcium and Iodine deficiencies are given. First Aid kits, Paracetamol tablets, tablets for colds and cough syrup are also given to the schools.

This scheme has proved to be very beneficial to these children, improving their overall health and academic performance.

The approximate cost of the programme is Rs 70/- per child per year. It is estimated that 6000 more children need to be medically examined in the remaining 6 schools. Donations to this worthy cause are earnestly solicited. The MSS appeals to doctors who are willing to spare their time and effort to offer their services in order to help implement this scheme.