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New Baldwin Vidya Samaste, Bangarpet
Cottolengo School for Special Children, Whitefield
St. Euphrasia's Higher Primary School



Midday Meal Scheme for under priviledged children commenced in 1987.

·       Targarted under priviledged children from slums.

·       Improve attendance in schools along with health and performance in studies.

·       Incentive of free midday meals pulled children from slum areas, into schools thus avoiding them getting involved in theft / drugs/ prostitution etc.

Donations to this Scheme are eligible 50% tax deduction

Currently aiding  19 schools in Bangalore Urban and Bangalore Rural.  Monitoring of meals effectiveness being done by Maria Seva Sangha aided by St.Anne’s Women’s Degree College, Ulsoor

-Donations to this scheme are eligible for 50% tax exemption under sec 80G of the IT Act.


Success Stories

YWCA, Bangalore

Mrs.Usha Abraham explained that the YWCA is a charitable organisation that works for the empowerment of women and the education of children.

She said she had 10 years’ experience in the field.

She explained what ‘malnutrition’ meant and gave examples of malnutrition among the children under their care. She said that there were some interesting factors regarding malnutrition in urban areas. It did not only mean that children who did not have food are malnourished but that junk food and a bad diet also constituted malnutrition especially among children. This was the cause for absenteeism in schools.

She then went on to say that MSS has been assisting YWCA since 2006, for the last 9 years. 150 children get a meal every day, as well as supplements that help give children greater immunity and strength.

She thanked MSS for their help and support and all the donors as well. She said that this would have a long term impact on the lives of not only the children but also their families.    MSS should be proud of the impact of this project on these families.


The Colonel Hill English School

Mrs. Reshma.Z Principal, The Colonel Hill English School: She thanked Maria Seva Sangha for giving her an opportunity to share her opinion on the Mid-day Meal scheme.

She said that she would like to share some information about her school.

It started in 1964 with a view to cater to the educational, needs of the children of poor, down trodden and indigent parents.

She said that the school had a number of underprivileged children who were unable to pay their regular school fees. It set up Scholarship Funds to meet their need with the help of Donors and well-wishers who contributed to this scheme, which has helped many poor students to complete their High School. at the beginning of every academic year there is an increase in the number of poor, needy and deserving students. At present the school supports 250 deserving students with scholarships.

She further added that one of the Board members, late Mr. Lionel V.Moss introduced her to Maria Seva Sangha in the year 2012, and when Maria Seva Sangha was approached with their appeal for the need for the mid-day meal for their poor and deserving students, they considered our request favourably without any refusal and hesitation. She thanked the President Mr. Philip De Costa and the Executive Director Mr. Anand Veigas and the all the members of the Board of Maria Seva Sangha for considering their request to sponsor the free mid-day meal for their poor and deserving students.

She said that all the parents of the sponsored children are very grateful to Maria Seva Sangha. At present 150 students are fed with fresh nutritious lunch. In addition 14 students are in receipt of sponsor a child scheme, which, she remarked, is of immense help for the students. She once again thanked Maria Seva Sangha for extending their support for the sponsor a child scheme.