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Education Scholarship Scheme

Since 1985 we have been giving scholarships on a means-cum-merit basis to deserving boys who have passed PUC, for graduate, vocational or professional courses such as engineering, medicine, computer, nursing, B.Com, Biotech, Airhostess, MBA, ITI courses etc. The scholarship covers tuition fees. This project helps financially deprived boys and girls to reach their potential and settle down in life with dignity. Since inception, 1010 scholarships have been awarded, as on March 2015. Needless to say, the quality of life of these students and their families has improved considerably.

-Donations to this Scheme are eligible for 50% tax exemption under Sec 80G of the IT Act.

Mid-day Meal Scheme(Nutrition Programme)


Malnutrition is one of the most serious problems affecting the well-being and health of young children, especially those from the slums. The MSS started a scheme in 1987 that arranges for the provision of hot and nourishing mid-day meals for 50 school children. The numbers have now risen to 2773 children in 25 schools as on March 2015.

With the incentive of a mid-day meal, the children are drawn away from anti-social activities and the influence of gangs who may induct them into thefts, drug-pushing, prostitution or child labour.

Enormous improvement in their health, vitality, performance in studies and attendance has been reported by the school staff. There are many more children desperately in need of support, whom the MSS is trying their level-best to reach out to.

-Donations to this Scheme are eligible for 100% tax exemption under Sec 35AC of the IT Act.(Tax exemption application under renewal process, we can offer 50% exemption under Sec 80G of the IT Act)
-Rs.1000/ would cover the expenses and incidentals for mid-day meals of one child per year.

Medical Health Care Scheme

medical check

Started in 2001, when the voluntary service of a doctor became available, this scheme seeks to remedy the ill effects of poverty and malnutrition on the health of children coming from slum areas and studying in our Nutrition Scheme schools. These health problems lead to poor academic performance and lower physical, mental and functional ability in the long term.

Over 5175 children in 12 schools have been medically examined so far. The data is recorded and analysed. The children are first de-wormed and the necessary remedial supplements for Iron, Calcium and Iodine deficiencies are given. First Aid kits, Paracetamol tablets, tablets for colds and cough syrup are also given to the schools.

This scheme has proved to be very beneficial to these children, improving their overall health and academic performance.

The approximate cost of the programme is Rs 70/- per child per year. It is estimated that 6000 more children need to be medically examined in the remaining 6 schools. Donations to this worthy cause are earnestly solicited. The MSS appeals to doctors who are willing to spare their time and effort to offer their services in order to help implement this scheme.

Mathrudhan Social Housing Project

housing project

There are a large number of persons in Bangalore, reasonably well educated, employed in lower level salaried jobs, who find it a great struggle to own and live in decent houses in view of high cost of living. As the MSS had received land from the Archdiocese of Bangalore on the outskirts of Bangalore, it conceived the idea of providing low cost housing to this category of persons who do not own houses. Battered women, widows and their families are given preference. The land is a gift from the Archdiocese to the beneficiaries.

Sanctioned plans from the BDA have been obtained for development of 50 sites and 2 Apartment buildings with 9 flats each. One block of 9 flats has been completed, and the flats allotted are occupied. The foundation has been laid for Block 2.

The roads, drains, sewage lines, electrical connection, bore wells and other development works have been completed. The sites have been allotted and registered in the names of the beneficiaries.

37 Sites measuring 20 x 30 and 30 x 40 have been allotted and registered to deserving beneficiaries. Eight of the beneficiaries have already completed construction and others are in progress.

-Donations are earnestly solicited for the completition of Block 2.

Senior Citizens' residence

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It was the wish of our benefactors, Bernadette and Francis Pinto that a home is built for retired individuals like them to which they could go, in the evening of their lives, assured that they will be taken care of.

They requested that it be named ‘Villa Maria’. They bequeathed their share of the property on Rest House Road to the Sangha for this purpose. This dream of theirs is finally fulfilled on land owned by the Archdiocese of Bangalore, and place at our disposal, through the proper legal processes, by the Archbishop of Bangalore. The home is constructed and will be managed by Maria Seva Sangha.

One of our objectives is to provide shelter and care to the lonely and aged of the economically disadvantaged sections of society, irrespective of cast, community or creed.

This is a manifestation of Christ’s presence among us and His divine concern for all humanity.

The present plan accommodates about 44 single rooms and 24 double rooms.


Single & double rooms- both for long-term and short-term stay
Guest rooms will be available for visiting relatives/friends at nominal rates
Paramedic or nurse will be available
Recreational facilities will include card games, library, TV, etc and a part/conference hall
Garden and walkway
Physiotherapy room
Collection box for letters to be posted
Emergency bells in rooms
Hand rails in toilets and common areas
Telephone – intercom in all rooms
CCTV in and around the building
Lifts and ramps
Solar energy
Generator for lift, common areas and lighting in rooms
Handyman will be available on the premises for minor repairs
Prayer room and Chapel
Visitor’s parking

The senior citizens complex is expected to be operational by May 2015.

Further details can be obtained from the office:

MARIA SEVA SANGHA NO.6, Rose Lane, 1st Floor, Richmond Town, Bangalore – 560 025 INDIA
Tel: 080 22111481 / 22111482 Email: [email protected]

North East Scholarship Project:

The Northeastern states of India today lag far behind their counterparts in the rest of India in overall development. The perceived neglect by the Centre coupled with paucity of infrastructure, limited higher educational opportunities, unemployment and endemic poverty have fuelled sub nationalism that has led to vicious insurgencies in Mizoram, Nagaland, Manipur and Assam.

The turbulence in the region together with the lack of development and poverty has led to a large number of dropouts in schools and colleges. These youth then join thousands of other unemployed men and women whose frustration does little to improve the already vitiated atmosphere.

These factors lead to high levels of discontentment which in turn directly result in youth straying into drugs, alcohol and petty crime. This may be one of the reasons for high incidence of HIV/AIDS infections in this area. In fact, the incidence of the disease in South Manipur is amongst the highest in the world. Worse still, many youth are drawn to join the ranks of militant separatist groups to obtain easy money and power.

Realizing that affording educational opportunities to students of this region would be a major step in promoting national integration, the MSS initiated a scheme to identify and assist financially deserving students meeting specified criteria. Eight students from Mizoram have been helped so far and one has already refunded the amount. The Corpus Fund is being slowly built up. This scheme is administered by the MSS, using experience of the ongoing scholarship scheme for local students.

Implementation of the North East Scholarship project would render dividends far beyond providing education to individual youth. Its contribution, however small, to the process of healing the insurgency affected areas of the North East and to the process of national integration are other major reasons for its implementation.
-14 Scholarships have been awarded as on January 2013.

Maria Seva Sangha through this scheme welcomes sponsors to choose and sponsor children from a list of deserving, financially needy children, provided by the school. They pay for the education of the child from Std IV through Std X. The amount given includes fees for the academic year, books and uniforms. The money can be given yearly or as a one-time donation for all seven years. The sponsor will then be responsible for financing the education of the child till high school education is completed. The details of the child will be sent to the sponsor every year along with the two semester reports and photographs if so desired.

There is also the option of giving a donation towards the project, which will go into a corpus, the interest of which will be used to educate children in school.

-The cost, per child, varies from Rs.1,980 in Std IV to Rs. 3,080 in Std X.
-147 Children have already been sponsored as on March 2015.
-North East: 148 Children have already been sponsored as on March 2015.
-Donations to this Scheme are eligible for 50% tax Exemption under Sec 80G of the IT Act.