Success Stories


mid day meal

Sr. Beena – AGM 2003

Sr. Beena, Principal, St. Euphrasia’s gave her views on the beneficial effects of the Mid-day Meal Scheme in her school. She expressed her deep gratitude for and extolled the noble work done by the MSS for the 180 students in St. Euphrasia’s School and 30 students in St. Agnes.

Most of these children came from the slums of Ashoknagar, Viveknagar and Austin Town. Their parents were regular daily wage workers.

The financial help and regular visits by the MSS have helped soothe so many little ones. She once again declared that she was extremely grateful for the generous aid received and requested for more assistance in order to benefit more children. While admiring the work of the MSS and thanking everyone involved in the project, she prayed for continued support.

Ms. Venilla – student of St.Euphrasia’s School: AGM 2003

Ms. Venilla, a student of Std. VIII, said that she came from a very poor family. Her mother is a helper in an office.

She had the opportunity to join the MDM scheme and very soon, she was able to take an active part in sports, studies and other activities. She spoke about the quality of the items on the menu and how well – balanced the meal was. She expressed her gratitude and thanks to the generous people of the MSS.

mid day meal

Ms. Divya – Std. VII:

I am very happy to be here on this auspicious day. I’m Divya studying inStd. VII in Satya Seva School. My father is not staying with us.
My mother was suffering from typhoid fever when I was in Std. IV. Now too she is suffering because of that fever. She goes to a factory to do some work, but since she is unable to go everyday, she is not paid properly, my uncle looks after one of my sister and the youngest sister gets fits now and then and so the Sisters in my school cannot help her.

When I was in the Std. V, I was not able to bring any food for noon meal. The Sisters of Satyaseva School chose me for the mid-day meal programme conducted by Maria Seva Sangha. I get food daily noon meal from school. It gives me not only strength but encouragement for my study. I am studying better. I am trying to learn well and afterwards to get a job to help my mother and sisters.

I thank very much the Maria Seva Sangha members for this great act of love towards me and many children in other schools. I pray for Maria Seva Sangha members always. Thank you !

mid day meal

Principal of St. Anthony’s School- Sr.Jyotsana:

She said that she was happy to share her experiences with Maria Seva Sangha. She was grateful to God for the people who helped the little ones. Because of this help they could come to school and achieve their dreams. The Midday Meal and the medical supplements helped them in this. She said that most of the children came from very poor backgrounds and from the slums. They would come to school without breakfast and looked forward to the hot meal in the afternoon. She said that the High School was not covered by what the Government provided. So the children share their meal with the High School students. The children also awaited for the evening to get any left over food. Holiday time was a sad time for them because they did not get any meals on those days. She thanked Maria Seva Sangha for the medical aid provided to the schools. She thanked the donors on behalf of all the schools and prayed for God’s blessings on the Maria Seva Sangha to give the members strength to carry on their service and good work.

I thank very much the Maria Seva Sangha members for this great act of love towards me and many children in other schools. I pray for Maria Seva Sangha members always. Thank you !



Mary Janet – AGM 2003

A student who is a beneficiary of the Educational Scholarship Scheme gave a short talk on her experience with the MSS. She said that she was presently doing her MBA at the Xavier Institute of Management. She had completed her B.Com with a 1st Class. Her father died of a heart attack five years ago.

satya jothi

Ms. Sathya Jyothi – AGM 2005

I’m Sathya Jyothi, doing my final year B.E I’m here today to express my sincere feelings towards Maria Seva Sangha. I utilize this opportunity to thank MSS which helped in pursuing my higher studies after completion of my diploma. It is nice to thank such an organization who help those students who cannot continue their studies just because they are financially weak.

I also thank MSS on behalf of my brother who is also getting financial aid from MSS in doing his B.E. And at last, I would like to tell that, I will try my level best to help in the growth of the organization once I’m settled in my career. Thanking you Maria Seva Sangha and thank you all!


Ms. Tharsheela – AGM 2005

Respected, Chairman and parents, I’ve come here to say thanks to MSS for which they have given me a loan without interest for my Engineering. Due to this help, I’m doing a civil engineering course. If they had not helped me, I wouldn’t have joined the course. So for that I’m very grateful and thanks for the Chairman of this Trust.

I will never forget in my life, the great help they provided me for my future. I hope that the trust will help me for my future studies. Once again Thank you very much to the Trust for give an opportunity to thank them.


Ms. Tiju Iype

When she was in school it was her passion and ambition to do Engineering. She was looking forward to getting into Engg. She got through her CET and got a seat in an Engineering College. Her 1st year was successful because her father was in Dubai and finance was no problem but in her 2nd year her father developed some health problems and lost his job and had to return to India.

She needed the money to continue the course. She did not want to discontinue her course but the amount needed was a large sum. She heard from the maid in her grandmother’s house, that an announcement had been made in the Resurrection Parish that MSS were giving loan scholarships to students in need of finance. She applied and got the loan from MSS. With this timely help she was able to complete her course in Electronics and Communication.

She is very grateful to MSS because unlike all other institutions that take interest for loans given, MSS does not charge any interest. She expressed her gratitude to the organization.



Dr Benjamine Khiangte

Dr Khiangte, from Mizoram passed his MBBS from Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Studies at Wardha, Maharashtra in 2008 with flying colours. On his graduation, he made a special trip down to Bangalore, to thank the Maria Seva Sangha and his mentor Lt Col Chris Rego for the support they had given him. He opted to work with Nazareth Hospital, Shillong where he picked up valuable experience.

His excellent performance in MBBS helped him secure a prestigious seat in MD (Medicine) at his old college and he is now in the thick of his post graduation. He also has plans for pursuing his super-specialization in the future. Dr Khiangte realizes the immense need for doctors in many parts of his home state and hopes to return to serve his community after completing his studies.

Ben is most appreciative of timely financial assistance rendered by the Maria Seva Sangha that has not only made him self sufficient, but helps him support his entire family as the only bread winner.


Dilip Chakma

Coming from the remote Marpara area of Mizoram, Dilip belongs to the displaced Chakma community facing persecution in both Bangladesh and in parts of India as well.

He sought the help of the Maria Seva Sangha to finance his LLB at the prestigious National Law School of India at Bangalore. Now in his fourth year, Dilip has secured an internship with a human rights organization 'Geneva for Human Rights'. During this internship in Feb 2010 he has attended the 7th Session of the UPR Working Group at the UN building at Geneva as part of this NGOs team. The NGO will also participate in the 13th UN Human Rights Council Session commencing in March 2010.