Medical Health Care

Over 55000 children in 12 schools have benefitted from this program

This project was started in 2001, when the voluntary service of a doctor became available, to alleviate the ill effects of poverty and malnutrition on the health of children coming from economically backward backgrounds and studying in schools where the Mid-day meal is supported. Deficiencies in the basic nutritional requirements for the child lead to health problems, which, in turn, leads to poor academic performance and lower physical, mental and functional ability in the long term.

Over 55000 children in 12 schools have benefitted from this program so far.

De-worming tablets are given first, and the necessary remedial supplements for Iron, vitamin B 12 deficiencies are given next. Calcium supplements are then given after a suitable break. First Aid kits, Paracetamol tablets, tablets for colds and cough syrup are also given to the schools.

This project has proved to be very beneficial to these children; a remarkable improvement in their overall health and academic performance as a result of this, has been recorded.

It costs approximately just Rs.100/- per child per year for all these medical supplements.

Please donate generously to this worthy cause. Your contribution will help make a huge difference!

Help enrich the life of a child!


Unfortunately in the academic year 2020 schools were closed and there was no opportunity to administer the supplements to the children. As soon as schools re-open, the programme will resume.