Senior Citizens’ Residence

Villa Maria — Senior Living Simplified

Building a contented, joy filled, amicable and harmonious community!

Today there is an increase in life expectancy and this means that the older population is increasing. Our aim is to provide a better quality of life, promote the autonomy, dignity, and well-being of the elderly. We also focus on the psychological well-being of the elderly and provide facilities that lessen the negative effects of loneliness, social isolation, and difficulties in terms of self-care needs. The design of the building addresses part of the source of this loneliness by providing ample light and airy rooms and passageways, and shows how, through good design, it is possible to establish a community framework of mutual support. Living in this retirement community provides an opportunity for engagement and interaction and yet allows the residents to retain their independence.

Impressed with the credentials of the MSS, a brother – sister couple had donated a piece of land in the heart of Bangalore to the MSS, for development into an Old Age Home. After their demise, their shares in the property were bequeathed to the MSS. This provided the means for MSS to go ahead with its dream project.


Villa Maria contains 44 single, 24 double, bright and well ventilated rooms. Every room opens into a veranda that overlooks the central garden. It is situated in K R Puram, a fully self-contained part of Bengaluru. Our home has beautiful trees and an outdoor garden with two inner open courtyards. It is peaceful and relaxing and also provides for many activities for our residents. We are within three km of the nearest hospital. Our residents can enjoy going into the city if they wish to. MSS is the owner of the residence built on land placed at its disposal by the Archdiocese of Bangalore. Our home offers many opportunities that you won’t find in other places.

For more details please feel free to give us call at your earliest convenience. The committee members of Villa Maria Senior Living will work with you and your family to determine the best possible solution for you. We have included information about our staff services amenities and activities so that you can see we offer to meet more than just basic needs.

Our Support Staff

Deepa Thankachan is our charming and efficient Nurse. She is qualified nurse and works with each of our residents every day to make sure they are happy and active. She makes sure all of our residents are given their medications on schedule and monitors their health conditions. She is an active presence in the home every day and helps with making healthy and nutritious menus in the kitchen. She also helps with the many activities.

Nandhini is our resident administrator. She oversees the smooth running of the facility and takes care of all the needs of our residents. She ensures that the rooms are cleaned impeccably, and rises to the occasion whenever there is any emergency. She is competent and capable, thoughtful and compassionate.

Matthew is the facilities manager. He sees that everything is in working order and running smoothly. This ensures the comfort and safety of our residents. He organizes the provisions and sees that everything is fresh and healthy. He also supervises the care of the garden.


We offer home cooked meals three times per day, and coffee and tea in the morning and evening. We are a complete care home and take care of cooking laundry and cleaning needs.

We have solar water heating which provides hot water for the residents.

We also offer pharmaceutical management and monitoring to ensure our residents take their medicines on time daily. We also monitor health concerns take vitals and maintain charts for our residents.


Residents are encouraged to make use of our gardens.

We celebrate the birthdays of our residents with a cake and games.

We have a Christmas party with carols and games.

We provide ample opportunities for our residents to get the most out of their time with us. We are certain that we can make your stay with us as enjoyable as possible all while taking good care of you and making sure you remain in the best health that you can. We welcome you to be part of our family.


  • Common dining facility for all residents
  • Fully equipped modern kitchen providing hygienic, healthy, wholesome meals
  • Prayer room and Chapel
  • Guest rooms for visiting family and friends
  • Auditorium and recreation room with facilities to include card games, library, TV, etc.
  • Laundry facility
  • CCTV for round-the-clock surveillance
  • Generator for lift, common areas and lighting in rooms
  • Doctor’s visit, as and when required; Physiotherapy room
  • Garden and walkway; Lifts and ramps
  • Solar heated water
  • Visitors’ parking
  • Short term stay of up to a maximum of 3 months is available in fully furnished rooms